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Jennifer and Courtney Larkin and their 8 children. All 8 kids were adopted through the state Foster to Adopt Program.
Larkin Kids
Jennifer and Courtney enjoying a laugh during their son Zach's soccer game.
Jennifer showing oldest daughter Hope where her brother is on the soccer field.
Ethan Larkin plays on the playground as brother Zach plays soccer.
Hope makes a joke as father Courtney looks on.
Jennifer comforts Zach after his fall on the soccer field.
Ethan takes a break from playing to watch brother Zach.
Jennifer rounds up the kids after Zach's soccer game.
Cooper Larkin
The Larkin family has chickens to help offset the cost of groceries.
Jennifer showing the kids how to clean out the chicken coup.
Making breakfast
Hope helping with chores.
The Larkin home sits on a hill. It  takes team work to mox the lawn.
A family with 8 kids requires a lot of bikes.
Eli waiting to decorate the Christmas tree.
Larkin kids decorating the Christmas tree.
Decorating the tree
The whole family decoarting the tree before Christmas 2013.
Drawing names for a sibling gift exchange
Jaycee goes over her Christmas list as Hope puts the littlest boys clothes away.
The youngest Larkin boys were a little under the weather. Jennifer uses a combination of western medicine and essential oils to keep illnesses at bay.
A bedtime routine is part of the nightly ritual in the Larkin house.
Even though the Larkin kids were adopted through foster care, they feel that Open adoption is really important for their kids wherever possible. Here Cooper shows off the picture of his birthmom.
More bedtime routine
Jennifer and Courtney enjoy a rare moment sans kids before bedtime.
The Larkin family home.
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